Before you read this review, I want to mention the fact that it was written in collaboration with my friend Virgile, who may be making other appearances on the site in the near future. I'm thanking him for his involvement, and wish you a good reading!

        A Way Out is a cooperative adventure game developed by Hazelight Studios and released on March 23, 2018 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Mixing different themes, action, crime, friendship and betrayal, this one will require you and your friend to help each other so that you can progress ...

Game icon         After a quick presentation of the main characters, Vincent and Leo, through a brief dialogue and short biographies made available to the two players, you will have to agree on the one that you will each play throughout the duration of the adventure (the choice can be changed, but that has little interest). Then the intro scene will follow: a truck bringing detainees to a prison. Here begins the gameplay phase: Vincent, who just arrived, has to make his way to his cell, while Leo, who has been here for a while now, looks at the scene. It is only a little later that the interactions between the two characters will begin, and Leo will tend to be very wary and distant towards Vincent at first.

Leo (on the left) and Vincent (on the right) during the intro scene
        But then, what binds the two protagonists, and why make them interact with each other? Well, they happen to have a common knowledge: a certain Harvey. The latter would have murdered Vincent’s brother and made everyone believe that Vincent was responsible for the murder, but also betrayed Leo while stealing a famous diamond... thus, both would have been taken to prison by his fault. Once the trust is installed, they will then decide to escape together... and take revenge.

        The story is quite long without being too unnecessarily long, and is extremely realistic and pleasant to discover, nothing seems to be too much or less: the ups and downs are present in number (and not always predictable), the relationships between characters (be it between Vincent and Leo or those with their respective entourage) develop over the plot and allow each time to learn a little more about the story of the characters in the game and to explain certain situations, past as future, to finally lead to a particularly tragic final scene, which we will talk about later.

        The quality of the game is further enhanced by its gameplay, which, combined with the intrigue, form a perfect duo. Most of the time, the two players act simultaneously, which prevents each one from getting bored; the action is often there, staging chases, fights, weapons ... The interactions between the two characters are also numerous, requiring you to cooperate to be able to progress (climb back to back in an air duct, clear a passage by joining forces, lean on the other to climb an obstacle, ...). The rare phases where only one player controls the game are also filled with action, making boredom impossible, and the roles end up reversing after a maximum of thirty seconds, refocusing on the second character, and alternating several times in a row. Besides, A Way Out has the merit of keeping the players in suspense all along, with each time different mechanics and QTE, which I personally liked very much since it allowed to reinforce the tension of the action, the feeling of unknown and even adrenaline! So, every time the situation gets worse, it’s imperative that you focus on what’s happening on the screen to be able to make it out.

Adventure and cooperation are essential
        Beyond cooperation and adventure, the game also puts a lot on the budding friendship between the two characters, since it is built throughout the duration of the game to finally reach the last scenes that challenge everything… well, not entirely. Let's talk for a moment about the end of the game (avoiding spoilers as much as possible), which I found, although intelligently chosen and coherent, particularly violent emotionally speaking. Indeed, even if we quickly get attached to the characters, and imagine a perfect understanding between them, maybe even fraternal, we are then faced with the harsh reality of deceptive appearances. I would even go so far as to say that this is one of the hardest (still emotionally speaking) and saddest endings I have known, especially for a game like this; and those who have already played it will understand what I am talking about. However, by analyzing these last scenes well and in particular the behavior of the characters, one can estimate that all that was built during the history is perhaps not completely lost and that there remains to them a share of "fraternity". Besides, given the events, I expected another "secret", hidden end, but it is not so, and ultimately, it is probably better like that.

        Beyond the main adventure, A Way Out also offers many mini-games to do alone or in duo, such as the well-known Connect 4, the dart throw...; it is also possible to play basketball or to play music, which allows players to take a break from time to time and have fun other than by following the history of the game and thus constitutes another positive point for it.

Ah, Connect 4...
        To conclude, I would like to say that A Way Out is a game that I really enjoyed playing: we put ourselves in the place of our character, and we feel freedom, action, but also friendship which binds us to the other (character as much as player), and which, by the way, is reinforced over all the epic passages of the game; one feels exactly as if one were escaping, on the run. We also feel the need to defend ourselves, and weirdly, we quickly learn to get by as an outlaw!

A special thought to this "run" part that I particularly liked
        In my opinion, all of these elements make A Way Out an excellent cooperative adventure game that is totally successful, and which is also as well-scripted - since the game knows what it wants you to think and feel as well as how to achieve this - as functional: note that we have not encountered any gameplay bug, and that a voice chat is directly offered inside the game. In addition, the graphics are splendid and the environment very well represented, making the game extremely immersive and beautiful. The price is certainly a bit high, but you can get it during sales or with an Origin Access subscription; note that only one copy of the game is required and that the second player will only need an invitation from you to play.

Download on Origin   Download on XBox One   Download on the Playstation Store

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